Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Signs of Old Age

It's official.  I am finally turning into my father.  My dad took me to see the first Star Wars film when it came out in 1977.  I was riveted.  Dad?  Fast asleep.  I was incredulous.  How on earth could he sleep through such an exciting, noisy film?!

Well now I know because in the past month it has happened to me not once but twice!

Pre-baby, I used to go to the cinema after work and at the weekend, seeing everything that took my fancy.  Then once my daughter was born, I made an effort - I even had membership to the Curzon - but the visits soon dwindled.

I realised the other day that I had been to the cinema twice in nearly a year and that was to see Frozen - twice!  (which I thoroughly enjoyed, especially the outdoor sing-along one, but that's not the point!)

I chose Gone Girl as my first step back into the world of cinema.  Thank goodness I'd read the book as I wouldn't have known what was happening when I finally awoke.  Mr Turner was my second and I was floundering rather once I'd had my nap.

I blame the comfy seats, the glass of wine, the overly-hot auditorium - and perhaps my genes?! I'd like to see The Imitation Game but I hardly dare!  I think my best chance of watching the whole thing will be to go to a matinee.

Just call me Gran (or John!).

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