Monday, 26 October 2015

Sheffield Park Garden

How did I only just find out Sheffield Park Garden is such a fabulous place for seeing Autumn colours?!  

Judging by the queues yesterday, the world and his wife already knew.  We arrived at exactly 10am, opening time, yet we had to park in an overflow area and the entrance was closed shortly after.  The park is huge but even so it was hard to take a photo of the gorgeous trees without a stranger in it.  


The weather was crisp and sunny, the best day in quite a while, so no wonder everyone had decided it was a perfect Autumn colour viewing day.  

'Capability' Brown helped shape the park and next year will be the 300th anniversary of his birth so the Trust is planning themed events.  We will certainly make another trip or two because it felt like we barely tickled what the park has to offer.  

When we left to begin the journey home, there was a long queue of cars in the driveway waiting for parking spaces to come free, the entrance had been closed to cars and the country road had dozens of cars parked up on the verge.  Yet all around the countryside is awash with equally gorgeous coloured leaves.  Beautiful natives with leaves in mellow yellows, oranges and browns rather than those flashy red 'look at me' acers!

BTW, if you fancy a coffee while you stroll, there is no need to join the long queue in the cafe tucked away in the car park as there is a coffee cart set up by one of the lakes.  Wish I'd known that!