Thursday, 27 November 2014

Christmas Hypocrite

No sooner had the last firework been set off and while the bonfires were still smouldering, the glossy Christmas tv ads hit our screens.  Indecently early in my opinion.  In fact, I fast-forward through the whole lot of them on principle.  And as for the fuss made over John Lewis each year - well!  They get more annoying each year.*

So why is it far too early for tv ads but just right for the Christmas sandwich?  

Because the Pret a Manger Christmas Lunch sarnie is the best ever, that's why!

This article in the Independent made laugh and I'm glad I'm not alone!  A couple of weeks ago I saw a large display of Christmas sammies in M&S.  Great, I thought, the Pret one will be out too.  So I went straight out of the M&S food hall and into a branch of Pret.  (I told you I liked them!)  No (Christmas) joy there though so I ended up getting the M&S version.  V disappointing, soggy even! Luckily Pret joined in a couple of days later and I have been taking full advantage ever since.

Merry Christmas! 

* IMHO the only JL ad worth watching is Always A Woman from 2010.  It had me in tears at the opening bar every time I saw it, including just now when I was looking for it online!  Can't beat a bit of Billy Joel, that's for sure.

So, what do you think of the Xmas sandwiches on offer and is The Stranger by Billy Joel one of the best albums of all time?!

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