Saturday, 1 November 2014



Almost four years on from my last post, I have decided to spark up Many A Mickle once again!  A lot has happened in the time that has passed but also a lot is very much the same I suspect.  

One thing that has changed in this household is the acknowledgement of Halloween.  It didn't figure much in my childhood but, if the shelves in the shops are to be believed, it is now very much a date in our diaries.  My now seven year old certainly knows about it!  

I do remember hollowing out a swede as a jack-o-lantern in my youth.  Now that took some doing!  Not like these overblown, monster pumpkins that sit in crates in the supermarket doorways.  So easy-peasy to scoop out and carve.  A swede however took real dedication to complete! 

My effort was a shameless copy of this one but my daughter's witch on a broomstick was all her own work (but I did the cutting).  I was really impressed! She certainly didn't get her artistic side from me, that's for sure.


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