Sunday, 24 October 2010


Judging by the frocks in
this exhibition the sun always shone in the 1950s.

Horrockses Fashions concentrated production on day and evening wear, beach clothes and housecoats, mainly in cotton.

Dresses cost the equivalent of a week's wages so tended to be purchased for special occasions such as weddings, honeymoons and holidays, or, if you're the Queen, tours of the Commonwealth.

I asked my mum if she'd owned one. She said they were out of reach for her but her pretty, spoiled, only-child college roommate would always come back after summer break with a couple in her suitcase. Mum and her friends had to content themselves with walking to the local dress shop each Monday to see the latest designs in the window. Just as well they didn't have credit cards in those days!


  1. Oh I'd love to see this exhibition! I purchased the Horrockses book from the V&A after hearing a really fascinating segment on Radio 4 about the company. Actually I wouldn't mind having a dress, too! K x

  2. I wanted to see that, but didn't get around to it before I fled the country. :( I used to work at the V&A and the book was in our shop for ages before the exhibition opened. I snagged some great repro Horrockses fabric at one of the V&A's staff sample sales that one day I will make into something lovely. Thank you for giving me vicarious pleasure!