Saturday, 15 May 2010

Kids Clothes Week Challenge - Days Three, Four, Five and Six!

(My muse agreed to pose for me - but only for one shot!)

Finished at last! I'm very glad to be taking part in this challenge as it has really helped me to persevere through the tricky bits rather than just chucking the dress aside in a fit of pique! At least this dress has not been added to my lengthy list of stalled projects!

The Heather Ross book left me completely in the lurch when it came to making the straps from the same material. This, in the list of materials, is the only reference: "2 yards of spaghetti strap, bias tape (sewn closed), or ribbon for ties, cut into four equal lengths". In the end though, I'm glad I had to work it out for myself.

The book also says this dress will take just one hour to make. Four more like!


  1. Sounds like the Last-Minute Knitted Gifts book--the time estimates are very optimistic! K x

  2. it's lovely! so glad you persevered!

  3. Love this dress. I'm a super duper Heather Ross fan!

  4. Such a pretty dress. I have a daughter & I have the same book so this is a future project. Happy Sunday from Tokyo!