Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Kids Clothes Week Challenge - Day Two

Elsie Marley hour today has been spent working on a shirred sundress.
This is my first attempt at shirring and I'm loving it!

The Princess and the Pea print is Far, Far Away by Heather Ross for Kokka. I'm using blue, orange and gold cottons from my supplies for the shirring rows. The 'How To' I'm getting from Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross. The instructions say to mark out the shirring lines with a water-soluble pen before machining but I am doing mine by sight, hence the slow progress!

The fabric is very lightweight, very gauzy. I am hoping it will be ok when finished but I may have to cobble together some kind of lining.


  1. Love that fabric. What a great piece for a sundress!

    I have a weekly Thursday blog party especially for people to share things they've made to be worn. Stop by if you'd like!