Friday, 19 December 2014

Paddington The Movie

I grew up with Paddington.  With those five minute programmes which were shown on the BBC at the end of Blue Peter and before the evening news.  Paddington was a cute and cuddly bear and the Browns and the surroundings were 2D drawings.  Michael Horden narrated in his posh actor voice (Paddington carried a "sssueew-T-case").  Ahh, fond memories!

So when I saw the trailer for the new Paddington film, I was horrified.  What had they done to him?!  Why did Nicole Kidman want to stuff him for heaven's sake?!  I really was in two minds about seeing it but when I had first heard that a film was being made, I told my little girl we HAD to see it and she was holding me to my promise.  

Well, within the first minute I was absolutely hooked. I laughed and laughed.  BUT.  Call me an old prude, but the bits where Hugh Bonneville dressed as a tea lady were a bit much.  Funny at first but it went back for more.  I can't recall the exact lines but they were a bit fruity!  My daughter was more concerned with telling me it was the man from Horrible Histories but I was more worried that the Natural History Museum could have such an old letch on the pay role.  Where was HR?!

The thought of Paddington being stuffed also sent my seven year old on a crying and yelling session, the like I've never seen.  While she was disturbed at the time, ever since she has kept referring to all the funny bits and pointed out that while Nicole Kidman's father, the hunter Montgomery Clyde, had been very kind, she was not!

So I thoroughly enjoyed the film after all but it could have done with more Paddington hard stares (there was just the token one), more of kind Mr Gruber and of grumpy Mr Curry too - a bit of a waste of Peter Capaldi.

Perhaps next time.......

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