Monday, 23 August 2010

Festival of Quilts

"To see quilts?" asked the puzzled taxi driver taking me to the
station so that I could catch a train to the NEC Birmingham.

Neither my explanation of what I was off to see nor the photos I've returned with do it justice!

It was a tiring day ........

... of stroking gorgeous fabrics, peering at intricate stitch-work on beautiful quilts, dreaming of having the time to commit to sewing and gawping at Amy Butler's diamond rings.

Somehow, I trekked all the way to Birmingham yet ended up only buying fabric from two exhibitors whose shops I visit regularly anyway!

The Robert Kaufman icecream print "Confections"and the mushroom print "My Happy Garden" by Cloud 9 Fabrics were both from The Eternal Maker and the pink flowers from Fabric Galore .
All are destined to become nightwear of some sort, providing that time dream comes true.

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  1. How kind of you to omit that you went with a friend who had a crazy looking eye (and also that there was a serious sense of humour failure among some of the other visitors!) You also forgot to review the wine establishments! What a great day and yes, we did not get enough fabric. We need to go all out next year!