Tuesday, 1 June 2010

William - an Englishman

When I read that Persephone Books intended to start a forum to discuss a book each month, beginning with the first it published, William - an Englishman, I made sure I got hold of a copy. The forum is now online and has really whetted my appetite. I've only managed to read as far as chapter 3 so far so I need to crack on!

"With his colleagues of the office Tully was a negligible quantity. He was not unpopular - it was merely that he did not matter. His mother's control of the family funds was no doubt in part accountable for his comrades' neglect of his society; but his own habits and manners were still more largely to blame, since besides being painstaking and obedient he was unobtrusive and diffident. There was once a project on foot in the office to take him out and make him drunk - but nothing came of it because no one was sufficiently interested in William to give up an evening to the job."

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  1. Oh dear. I do have a copy, but I think I better wait til I get back from America, as I don't want it to get all battered in my bag! In the meantime, looking forward to hearing what you (and the forum) think.

    K x